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We have had several calls about bounced checks, missing pay or hours, and reimbursements, to sitting on checks. If you have been promised money yet have not yet received these funds from Local Motion Management, Rittenhouse, Christensen, Nester, please complete this form and attach any supporting emails, text, or audio recordings to support your Claim. Payments for Missing Compensation Claims will be processed after reviewing all claims, verifying for authenticity. When the evidence has been proven, the Requester will be confidentially awarded compensation. Your help at the company is very important to us, and the work you do is greatly appreciated. Appreciation is our culture, and your efforts will always be appreciate, and Penny and David demonstrate the

By clicking Agree, you are hereby known as “Requester,” and you authorize netsirv, LLC, to initiate Local Motion MN, Inc. Requester acknowledges that the claim for Missing Compensation is a promised from Local Motion MN, Inc. Management, and promise was made by either, and, or Rittenhouse, Christensen and Nester.  Requester confirms that the Claims is directly related to payroll compensation, reimbursement any business expense that you paid out of pocket, or promise to pay back-pay that comply with provisions of US law. The Requester hereby agrees for these terms by clicking AGREE.