• Log in and out with same pin to continue recordings.
  • App is single-use and removed from your phone after you submit your rooms.
  • No need to install or uninstall application.
  • Pin – Enter Pin included in your email to open app
  • Return – You can return to the app for continued recording.
  • Pin Disabled – Once rooms are submitted, app is automatically removed.

Record – Room by room, keep videos 30-60 seconds.

Save – stop and save video between rooms.

Multiple Uploads – record back to back videos, several upload lines will display.

  • Failed Pin – Double check spelling, it is case sensitive
  • Slow Upload – Check Internet speed,
  • Lower video resolution for faster uploads.
  • Reduce recording time to 30 seconds per room.

NOTE: if for some reason the App does not work, please record your rooms like any video and send the video link to or call Customer Care at 651-661-6614 for assistance.